Redefining Security in Every Aspect

In 2015, Black X was born from a powerful vision to redefine the concept of security—not merely as a means of protection but as a comprehensive ecosystem seamlessly integrated into daily life. Our goal was ambitious and clear: to empower individuals worldwide to safeguard what matters most, providing not just security, but peace of mind and freedom.


Innovating for a Smarter Tomorrow

Confronted with the constraints of traditional home security systems, our team was propelled by the need for innovation. The market offered no solutions that met our high standards for security and lifestyle integration, so we set out to create our own. The result was a pioneering line of smart security products that go beyond conventional expectations, designed to blend flawlessly into the lives of our users.

Powered by AI

Engineering Excellence

With unwavering determination and passion, our dedicated engineers and designers have crafted some of the most advanced smart security technologies available today. At Black X, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is part of our daily routine. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to develop a range of products that are not only innovative but are also intuitive to use, ensuring security is accessible to everyone.

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A Secure, Connected World

As we look forward, our mission continues to be bold and unchanging: to revolutionize global security. Black X is more than just a brand; we are a beacon of safety and reliability in a world that demands both. Our products do more than protect—they enhance the way you live, offering a cohesive, smart security solution that integrates with all aspects of your lifestyle.

Today and Beyond

Join Our Visionary Journey

As we look to the future, our mission remains the same – to revolutionize global security and provide people with the peace of mind they deserve. We are Black X, and we haven’t stopped building since the day we began. Join us on this incredible journey as we redefine security for the modern world.

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  • Can I grant temporary access to someone?

    Absolutely! You have several options for providing temporary access to your door. Here's how you can do it: - Add the individual as a guest via the Black X app. - Generate and share a key code (note: this requires the Black XPad or XPad+). For each method, you can specify the duration of access to suit your needs.

  • Are all the accessories compatible with the lock?

    Yes, every accessory is designed to be fully compatible with the lock and the Black X app. The lock integrates seamlessly with the following accessories: - XPad - XPad+ - WiFi Bridge - xKeys - Door Notice The Black X range offers a cohesive and effective complete security system, perfect for your home, office, or rental space.

  • What if I lose internet access, can I still get into my house with the Black X lock?

    Absolutely! Losing internet access doesn't mean you're locked out. With the Black X lock, you can still enter your home using several reliable methods: - Tap the lock name in the Black X app when you're within Bluetooth range. Our system is designed to operate independently of internet connectivity, ensuring you can always get in. - Use the xKey within Bluetooth range (note: this requires the xKey device). - Enter a key code if your setup includes a Black XPad. - Utilize the physical key as a fail-safe method. Each option is designed to ensure uninterrupted access to your home, even without an internet connection.

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Unlock the potential of smart living with our cutting-edge Smart Lock range. We’re at the forefront of innovation, creating solutions that combine security with simplicity. If you’re ready to step into the future of home automation or need expert advice on which smart lock is right for you, reach out to us. Our team is here to elevate your home security to the next level.

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