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Introducing the next level in secure locking technology – The Black X Smart Deadbolt System

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The Black X Smart Deadbolt System. Engineered and crafted with unparalleled precision, this innovative deadbolt combines state-of-the-art security features, ensuring your home remains safe at all times. Embrace this revolutionary approach to modern home protection, allowing for easy access through your smartphone. Say goodbye to traditional keys and welcome a new era of convenience and security with our cutting-edge universal fitting deadbolt system. Experience peace of mind like never before with a lock that is as smart as it is strong.


Step into the future of home security and convenience with the Black X Smart Lock. This system is designed to replace your existing deadbolt locks, elevating your security to new heights with advanced technology and sleek design. Say goodbye to the hassles of lost keys and the frustration of being locked out. Our Smart Lock technology revolutionizes how you access your home or office, blending innovative AI eKey technology with personalized access control for unmatched peace of mind.

Grant Access with Ease

With the Black X Smart Lock, granting access to friends, family, or guests is as simple as a tap in our mobile app. Even if they don’t have the app installed, our AI eKey technology lets you generate and send unique, one-time access codes. Keep track of all entries and exits with our alert center, always keeping you in the know.

Enhance Your Entryway

Complement your new security upgrade with additional keyless accessories for added convenience. Whether for your home, office, or Airbnb, our lock seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Enjoy the ease of DIY installation, which lets you replace your old deadbolt without the need for professional help.

The Future of Access Control is Here

Embrace a smarter, safer future with the Black X Smart Lock. Our global collaboration has produced a lock that’s not just secure but also enhances your everyday life. Step into a world where access control is intelligent, convenient, and tailored to meet your needs. Welcome to the future, where Black X Smart Lock doesn’t just open doors—it opens possibilities.


– Control your door from anywhere in the world with just a tap.

– Universally compatible, designed to replace existing deadbolt locks.

– Effortless DIY installation – no wiring or drilling required.

– Transform your smartphone into a smart key for hassle-free access.

– Flexible guest access with both temporary and permanent options.

– Stay informed with real-time notifications on door activity.

– Dependable security powered by a long-lasting, durable battery (CR2 supplied with lock).

– Elegantly designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic.

– Backset Compatibility: Fits 2.375″ or 2.75″.

– Door Fit: For 1.75″ to 2″ thick doors.

– Bore Hole: Meets ANSI 2.125″ standards.

– Deadbolt features an ultra-hardened steel rod for maximum security.

– Download our free Black X app on iOS and Android.

– Compatible with all Black X Accessories (XPad, XPad+, WiFi Bridge, Door Sensor, and xKey)

– Comes with two emergency keys.

Weight: 770 grams (complete lock)

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Matte Black, Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel