Smart Motorcycle Disc Lock


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Unlock your motorcycle with ease using the Black X Smart Motorcycle Disc Lock, paired seamlessly with the Black X app.

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Unlock your motorcycle with ease using the Black X Smart Motorcycle Disc Lock, paired seamlessly with the Black X app. This smart lock eliminates the need for keys or combinations, offering smartphone-controlled access and real-time monitoring. Customize and share access rights effortlessly, keeping track of usage with detailed access histories. Designed for durability, it withstands harsh conditions and features a hardened steel shackle for ultimate protection. Stay powered with timely low battery alerts and an easily replaceable CR2 battery. For added security, emergency keys are included, ensuring access at all times. Simplify your motorcycle security with this robust, intelligent disc lock.

Unlock with Ease

Utilize your smartphone and the Black X app to effortlessly unlock your motorcycle disc lock. Forget the hassle of lost keys or forgotten combinations.

Enhanced Access Control

Tailor access to your motorcycle lock by sharing it with others, whether temporarily or permanently. Customize access rights, ensuring convenience and security with 24/7 access management.

Monitor and Manage:

Stay informed about who accesses your motorcycle disc lock and when, with detailed access history available through the Black X app. Maintain control over your security.

Robust and Reliable

Crafted to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, the Black X Smart Padlock offers maximum protection for your motorcycle. Its large 55mm x 55mm opening fits large disc and rotor openings, while the massive 16.8mm hardened steel shackle resists cutting, prying, or jacking. The included disc reminder prevents accidental drive-offs.

Battery Efficiency

Receive timely low battery notifications through the app, ensuring your lock is always operational. The padlock comes with an easily replaceable CR2 battery for continuous use.

Emergency Access Options

Alongside smartphone control, the lock includes two emergency keys, providing a backup access solution for peace of mind.

Black X Subscription Benefits

Unlock all features, including app-based unlocking, access sharing, access monitoring, and battery status alerts with the Black X Subscription. Experience full control and peace of mind with the Black X Smart Motorcycle Disc Lock