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Discover the Black xPad Palm, featuring cutting-edge palm-vein recognition technology.

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Discover the Black xPad Palm, featuring cutting-edge palm-vein recognition technology. This innovative device uses near-infrared light to capture the unique vein patterns in your palm, providing touchless, hygienic authentication with exceptional accuracy. The xPad Palm combines key code access and palm recognition, allowing for seamless entry management via the Black X App. Compatible with all Black X Matter enabled lock systems. Experience heightened security and convenience with the Black xPad Palm, which ensures easy and secure access for family and service personnel alike. Upgrade your home security to the highest standard with this advanced, easy-to-install system.

Advanced Palm-Vein Recognition Technology

The Black xPad Palm redefines secure access with its state-of-the-art palm-vein recognition technology. Using a near-infrared light source, this touchless system captures the unique vein patterns in your palm without any physical contact, ensuring hygienic and accurate authentication every time.

Enhanced Access Control

This elegantly designed keypad not only provides key code access but also offers the convenience of palm recognition, allowing for effortless entry. Whether you’re managing entry for family, friends, or service personnel like dog walkers and cleaners, the Black xPad Palm offers both temporary and permanent access solutions without the need for physical keys or smartphones.

Seamless Integration and Operation

Control and manage access seamlessly through the Black X App. Our advanced AI eKey technology enables the generation and distribution of secure access codes, which are easily managed and monitored via your mobile device.

Robust and Reliable Design

With its capacitive touch surface and IP65 rating, the Black xPad Palm is designed to withstand the elements. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, it guarantees durability and functionality in any weather condition.

Effortless Installation

Install your Black xPad Palm with ease, choosing from flexible mounting options including two wall screws or an adhesive strip. 

Compatibility and Convenience

Compatible with all Black X Matter enabled Euro profile or deadbolt lock systems, the xPad Palm is versatile and user-friendly. 

Biometric Security for High-Security Environments

Perfect for residential settings, the Black xPad Palm utilizes advanced palm-vein recognition to deliver security at the level of high-security installations. This technology is highly secure and virtually impossible to replicate, boasting a false acceptance rate of less than 0.01% and a false rejection rate of less than 0.1%. Ensure the safety of your home with biometric security that stands up to the most rigorous standards.

Hygienic, Secure, and Convenient

The contactless nature of the palm-vein scanner not only enhances hygiene but also provides a quick and convenient authentication method. Perfect for fast-paced or sensitive environments where speed and security are paramount.

Explore the Future of Access Control

With the Black xPad Palm, experience the perfect blend of advanced security, convenience, and peace of mind.